Loretto Foundation and the Sisters

Lamar-Hunt-Jr.-Sisters-House-300x225What happens when people have a home that badly needs renovation and they have to move out while that occurs? That’s exactly what happened recently to the Little Sisters of the Lamb. They needed a place to stay. Up jumped Loretto Foundation, LLC to help. Loretto Foundation paid for the rental costs of a house across the street for one full year. This allowed the nuns to stay in the community and continue working with local residents. All of this was the work of the Lord because a few weeks later, a boy was shot and there were the nuns right at the boy’s side comforting him and giving aid until the ambulance arrived. Truly a miracle! As we have urged before, please consider supporting these Little Sisters of the Lamb and of course, pray for the successful completion of their mission: Prayer, friendship and fellowship. Contact them at Little Sisters of the Lamb, 36 S. Boeke St., Kansas City, KS, 66101.  See https://lorettofoundation.com/.com for more information about this fine charity and others we support.