Building Stronger Families by Encouraging Spiritual Growth

Loretto Foundation, LLC founded by Lamar Hunt Jr., is dedicated to helping build stronger families by encouraging spiritual growth. The name, Loretto, comes from the Sisters of Loretto and their abundant prayers for help. In 1878 the good sisters in Santa Fe, New Mexico had a perplexing problem. The architect of their recently completed chapel had just died and they had discovered that there was no access to the above choir loft. Using a ladder to reach the twenty two foot choir loft was out of the question and the chapel was much too small to build a staircase. So the good sisters did what they do best and turned to prayer for an answer. There was no question that they needed a miracle and thus they began a nine day novena to St. Joseph, the patron saint of carpenters, for his intercession in the matter. On the ninth day of the novena a nameless man arrived with some simple tools and he began working in the chapel locked away from sight. It seemed he worked day and night. After three months the good sisters discovered that he was gone but he had left a remarkable creation behind: a staircase with no visible center support such as a center pole. It was a miracle and the nameless man had disappeared without any form of payment! The only possible solution for that small space had been accomplished without any wood being delivered or any visible nails being used. The good sisters knew that their abundant prayers had been answered by St. Joseph himself.

For Christians, St. Joseph is a model of humility, courage, and redemption. He was a hard worker and a model for all families, especially for men, of what genuine sacrifice is all about. There is not one recorded word in all of scripture from the mouth of St. Joseph. To read more about him see “Joseph of Nazareth” by Federico Suarez.

The Sisters of Loretto prayed for help and their prayers were answered. Loretto Foundation wants to help bring people together by building a better future for the family. This may include time, talent, or resources that fulfill this mission. Explore the Loretto Foundation site and see how we are working with like-minded organizations to create stronger fathers, stronger families, and to encourage spiritual formation and growth.

Lamar Hunt Jr.

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