A Tradition of Family

The traditional family provides the best outcome for healthy children. Everyone comes from a family and the most ideal family for a child is one that consists of a married mother and father. Study after study demonstrates that the traditional family is healthy for children. Children raised in traditional families are:

*More likely to enjoy warm relationships with both parents;

*Less likely to divorce or become unwed parents themselves;

*More likely to be successful in school and graduate from college;

*More likely to be healthy;

*Less likely to abuse substances;

*Less likely to experience child abuse; and

*Less likely to commit crimes.

This data comes from William Doherty, et al., “Why Marriage Matters: Twenty-one Conclusions from the Social Sciences,” Institute for American Values, 2002.

There is a complimentary that exists between a man and a woman that benefits children. Mothers pay special attention to their children’s physical and emotional needs while fathers devote their primary efforts to character traits. This creates a balanced, human child-rearing scenario. Crisis Magazine published an article in January of 2004 entitled, “The Case Against Same Sex Marriage” which further highlights the complimentary nature of male-female relationships.

It is extremely important to point out that not everyone, due to circumstances beyond their control, has a mother and father in the house and children can be raised quite successfully without either a mother or father present. A prime example of this is the late Blessed John Paul II whose mother died when he was 8-years-old. However the exception to the rule should not displace the rule because this rule is based on the wisdom of centuries of human interaction. Single mothers and fathers heroically struggling to give their children all they have emotionally and spiritually deserve support and prayers and even though there are many failed marriages, the ideal of marriage must be defended and promoted. It is what is best for children, the highest and greatest good.  See https://lorettofoundation.com/ for more information on family.